Keynote Speakers

Bronwyn Williams

SASTA welcomes Bronwyn Williams to the 2018 Congress. Bronwyn will present the keynote address entitled “The Business of Disruption”. The relevance and application of new technologies to businesses now and in the future are both terrifying and exciting. Many of these technologies still seem like science fiction to many of us. The 2018 SASTA Congress audience are in for a treat as we have the insightful Bronwyn Williams to demystify future business trends and to provide insight into their potential economic value.

The sugar industry has a proud tradition of developing and employing technologies that benefit both the agricultural and processing sectors. The annual SASTA Congress is a platform where these achievements are presented and shared with technologists and a broad spectrum of sugar industry stakeholders. Bronwyn will use this platform to address, how aspects such as the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, etc. may affect manufacturing in general and specifically agri-processing industries.

Bronwyn Williams is a Trend Translator and Future Finance Specialist for Flux Trends. Bronwyn has over a decade’s experience in marketing management and trend research, working predominantly with brands in the financial and B2B industries.

Bronwyn has collaborated with Flux Trends on a number of projects since 2011, thus lending her research and writing skills to various Flux trend reports and presentations:

The Fragmented Future of Finance

Virtual Money

So You Want to Hire a Millennial?

Digital Burnout

From Bricks to Clicks

Gen Z: the Real Game Changing Generation

Bronwyn was also the ghostwriter for Dion Chang’s: “The New Urban Tribes of South Africa (published by Pan MacMillan).”

Prior to working with Flux Trends, Bronwyn worked as the Publisher of the South African office of the Agora Group. Agora is one of the world’s largest independent financial publishing houses, which is headed up by the international New York Times best-selling author Bill Bonner. In this role, Bronwyn managed the largest circulation of South African financial newsletters and worked closely with a network of local and international financial thought leaders. This role thus gave Bronwyn access to a wealth of ‘insider’ insights on how the world of money really works.

Today Bronwyn is pursuing a Masters in Economics through the University of London, with a focus on post-cash markets. You can read her trend Observations on or listen to her thoughts on the future on Classic FM where she is a regular guest commentator.